Rajmeela Parveena Seetamonee has been working in the journalism field for the past 9 years.

What are the major challenges faced by journalists today with social media, and by extension citizen journalism?

Since the last five years, social media has become our another go-to source. We are bombarded with thousands of data, raw information and even fake news. As a journalist, the nature of the work remains the same : to inform, to entertain and to educate. But more than ever, it has become important to fact-check and double fact-check. We have to stick accurate facts and put them into a meaningful context. Stories are related and presented in a different way to continue to attract our audience and all this, while practicing responsible journalism.

What do you most appreciate about your job?

The job of a journalist is in itself stimulating! Working under pressure to meet tight deadlines is what makes me perform better. As a journalist, one meets hundreds of people to share their stories to others. In this process, one learns new things at each moment of the day.

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