Welcome to the PR/Communication Network (Mauritius)!

This adventure started in June 2019 after a quick chat with a bunch of communicators, mainly composed of friends, former classmates and peers – to finally test the waters! Yes, after months of hesitation, it was high time to muster up the courage and bring to life this platform!

Amazingly, in next to no time, a WhatsApp group was created and ideas emerged. It was quickly followed by a Facebook community (closed group). Broadly speaking, the idea behind the creation of the PR/Communication Network (Mauritius) is to bring together professionals (but also beginners) evolving in the numerous areas and sub areas of Public Relations (PR) and communication: content writing, media relations, crisis communication, digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing, journalism, investor relations, marketing communication and so on. 

Long under-estimated, our profession has gained more value over time. During the past few years, corporations have started to acknowledge the contribution of an effective communication strategy. Products and services can no longer stand alone – they need to be backed-up by a strong communication (and marketing). More than ever, we now operate in a digitised word – where brand/customer loyalty are far-way concepts and where word of mouth no longer works its magic.

Though, we can all say that, at one point or another, we have been very lucky to meet and connect with various professionals in these fields, we also rarely have time to keep in touch – due to our busy lives. We can only wonder about the number of professional relationships (and friendships) we could have built if only we had some minutes, let’s say from time to time, to reconnect and discuss about anything.

So, don’t worry – this platform is all yours! Yours for exchanging ideas, yours to meet and seek out new talents and yours to jump out of your comfort zones! Join us as well on our Facebook group: PR/Communication Network (Mauritius) and connect with zealous communicators!

Virginie Couronne


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