Jason Bholanauth, Digital Marketer at PwC Mauritius

Jason manages PwC’s corporate digital channels (social media, website and email marketing) to position the PwC brand, deepen client relationships and drive client conversations by delivering relevant, consistent and superior experiences at every touchpoint. He is also the founder of Inbound Mauritius, a movement that was created to educate, help and transform the way businesses do Digital Marketing in Mauritius. To learn more about his professional journey: https://bit.ly/2ZdeyiC

What is the secret of an effective digital marketing strategy?

The secret to effective digital marketing strategy is to put people back at the centre of online marketing. We tend to forget that it is not digital marketing, but marketing in a digital world. The three elements to a digital marketing strategy are People, Data and Digital. Functionally, you need to know how to use the different tools to engage with your audience while optimising using data.

How to overcome the challenges of digital marketing?

The key to overcoming digital marketing challenges is to first understand the end goals of the campaign you are running. Start from the end and work your way back to what you need to do now and how to do it. Planning remains crucial and constantly look into your previous data could help to optimise your different campaigns and understand what your audience truly want. A good marketer should also go beyond marketing and know the industry.